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Labmodul is one of Northern Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of interior design solutions for laboratories, hospitals and schools. One of the decisive things that distinguishes Labmodul unique laboratory furniture from other manufacturers, is the way that Labmodul integrate design, high-quality materials and effective functionality. All technical features are carefully integrated with lines appearing simple, clean, and functional in a modern seamless design style.

ASMS Mechanical Services Ltd  are now exclusive Labmodul partners in Ireland, offering interior design solutions for laboratories, hospitals and schools in Ireland. We provide tailor-made solutions in combinable modules, interdisciplinary technology with a wide range of sustainable materials for all requirements.

We are one of the leading European manufacturers and suppliers who for years have developed unique expertise in advisory services, BIM drawing design and project management.


We integrate design, high-performance quality materials, logistics and ergonomic functions


Modul Performance

The flexible solution

System Performance is an inventory system with no supporting legs, carefully designed to deliver the highest degree of flexibility.
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Modul Capacity

The robust solution

System Capacity is particularly suitable for laboratories with extensive & heavy equipment. The system fully utilises the space under the tabletop & has high storage capacity.
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Modul Standard

The versatile solution

System Standard is a movable inventory system, which is designed for easy & quick setup in new combinations.
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Modul KITE

The multifunctional solution

System KITE is the ultimate multi room system where frequent changes to the layout are need.
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System Cabinets

For flexibility & efficient storage, System Cabinets provide the best solution.

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Trays & Baskets

Trays and baskets in ISO standard messures.

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Supply Carts

Carts for 40/60 trays and baskets fulfill the logistic system.

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Labmodul school furniture supports the latest education methods.


Labmodul offers modern facilities for cooking classes.

Arts and Woodwork

Inspiring & practical education class rooms with our school furniture systems.